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Best Password Managers of 2022

Compare the best password managers

Password managers help you keep your passwords on hand when you need them without worrying about someone gaining access to them. Find the best password managers that are available as well as a handy table that helps you view the best features of each one.

Bottom Line
Top Choice!

The market leader for password manager apps.

Saves passwords and log in to any site with a single click.

One of the most advanced password managers on the market


Securely saves passwords for each user


Budget-friendly with great features


Access to passwords on any device


Strong independent and public code audit

Can You Change Old Passwords with a New Password Manager?

Though you can use a new password manager to change your old passwords, it depends on the product that you choose. Not all managers offer this option. To change your passwords, you need to visit each site and open the manager. The generator will both create a new password and save it to that site and your computer. Some password managers will automatically issue a pop-up warning when you visit an old website and ask if you want to change your existing password. It can take some time to update all of your passwords if the manager lacks this feature. You can also use password managers with the passwords that you use on apps such as TikTok and Facebook. This allows you to use a one-click option to log in without typing your full password. Most password managers will work on Instagram and other popular social media sites, too.

What Should I Look for in a Password Manager?

Password managers are helpful because they keep track of your online data. With all of the recent news about hackers and threats of these managers though, you’ll likely want to know what to look for in one. The most important feature is the generator that it uses to create your passwords. You want to make sure that the generator can combine both numbers and letters with other special characters. Some prefer managers that allow them to customize the length of their passwords or what they contain. This is helpful if you use sites with specific requirements for their passwords or want to change those given to you.

It’s also helpful to look for those that offer protection from outside threats. What good is a password manager if a hacker can use software to unlock your password? The best managers use vaults that lock your information away and keeps it safe from others. You might prefer the option of saving your passwords to the cloud. This gives you the option to find your information when you use different devices. For example, you may have a computer hard drive failure and find that you need to get your passwords from the cloud to use them with your new computer or another device.

You may want to consider password managers that come with autofill options, too. This feature is helpful if you don’t want to write down your passwords and enter them on each site. It allows you to save your passwords and have the manager automatically enter them for you when you load your favorite sites. You should also consider those that randomly generate and change your passwords. Some managers will randomly generate new passwords on a set basis, but others allow you to set a schedule for those changes.

Final Verdict

You should take the time to look over all of our top password managers to get an idea of what they do and their top features. We created a convenient list that shows you the top features of each one along with detailed reviews of our favorites. After looking at that information, it’s easy to see why 1Password comes out on top. 1Password takes the hassles and issues out of creating new passwords and staying safe on the web. You can use one-click authentication to automatically use your password on a site and create and save new passwords on other sites. 1Password also gives you the chance to securely share files or folders with others. You also get premium support that is available 24/7.

Before investing in 1Password though, make sure that you consider all of your other options. Nordpass is helpful if you want to try a password manager before you buy one because it comes with a money-back guarantee that lasts for 30 days. You can also opt for a plan that lasts for several years to save more money. With Dashlane, you get one of the best password generators on the market and one that offers more protection from outside threats. If you have multiple devices and want to use the same accounts on all of them, Remembear can help. It automatically syncs your information as soon as you turn on your device. While other password managers offer helpful tools and features, 1Password is our favorite.


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