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Best Password Managers for 2023

Password managers help you keep your passwords on hand when you need them without worrying about someone gaining access to them. Find the best password managers that are available as well as a handy table that helps you view the best features of each one.




Top Choice 2023

Easily keep track of your online passwords with Dashlane, which is our top choice.




Roboform takes the second position with similar features to Dashlane.




With strong security tools, RememBear is a popular password manager for most users.




NordPass offers easy and efficient storage of all your online passwords.




A good choice for those who want strong encryption and password suggestions.

Comparison Table

What is a Password Manager

A password manager is essentially a software tool or application that helps you manage your passwords. Using the same password for every site that you visit isn’t always possible. Many sites ask you to add a capital letter or include a number or symbol. Trying to remember all those passwords can drive you crazy. One popular survey done in 2017 found that the average American has more than 190 passwords that they need to remember. Instead of keeping a file on your computer to store those passwords or letting your browser remember them, you can use a password manager. This type of application can remember every unusual symbol and combination that you can name. When you visit a site that you used in the past, it lets you quickly and easily add your password to log into an account. Password managers can remember terms and phrases that you use as passwords too.

Do You Really Need A Password Manager?

No matter how many websites you visit or how many passwords you need to remember, you can benefit from a password manager. Many of these products can suggest passwords for you that are nearly impossible for someone else to figure out. You don’t need to include your mother’s maiden name or your current zip code. The manager generates a password that is unique to you that includes both numbers and letters as well as symbols or special characters. Password managers are helpful to those who passed away unexpectedly too. You don’t need to spend hours entering possible passwords in the hopes that you’ll get it right because the manager remembers all the passwords associated with different websites. Password managers also work on systems that use all operating systems. Whether you have an iOS or use Windows or Linux, the software will both suggest and remember any password that you need to use online.

Are Password Managers Safe?

A password manager is a safe alternative to some of the other methods you might use to remember your passwords. Writing them down on Post-It Notes that you leave on your desk leave you at risk of thieves in your office. If you keep the passwords saved in a file or folder, anyone who uses your computer can gain access to them, even if you keep those files hidden inside other folders. The long passwords that the software suggests can keep you safe too because no one can find out more about you and use your personal information to figure out your passwords. With the right password manager software, you can stay safe from security breaches on the web too.

Why Should I Use Password Manager Service?

The top reason to use a password manager is that it encrypts your personal and private data. Thanks to the long passwords that it creates, you don’t need to worry about anyone figuring out what you use to access your favorite sites. These tools work on all types of websites, including those that ask for long passwords that use special characters and combinations. You’ll also find that the application makes it easy to keep track of your passwords. Even if you use similar passwords for multiple sites, you will never enter the wrong one. Password managers help prevent identity theft too because they block your computer from prying eyes. Some websites run phishing scams that download software that steals confidential information too. Using a password manager helps you get an early warning about those sites to keep you from clicking on them and worrying about what you might download.

Final Verdict

After looking at our product comparison table and seeing what features come with each product, you might wonder why Dashlane took the top spot as the best password manager. This service offers both individual and family plans as well as a business plan. While you can use the free trial to see how the application works, you can also sign up for a free plan that limits the number of devices you can use and how many users can access it. Most of the other providers limit access to just one user or device at a time when you sign up for the cheapest plan. With Dashlane, you pay just $4.99 a month for a single user plan and $9.99 per month for the family plan.

Dashlane also comes loaded with features on both the Premium and Premium Plus plans such as dark web monitoring. This prevents you from visiting websites that can damage your computer and blocks you from accessing pages with phishing software that might steal private data. With the Premium Plus plan, you also get identity theft insurance and support if the software fails. Those are just a few of the reasons why Dashlane ranks as the best password manager here at

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