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Privacy Policy

When you visit the Top10PasswordManager, you can learn more about our privacy policy and what we do with the information you share. The servers on our website automatically detect certain information about each visitor to the site. We do not store any of that content online or make it available. Our servers can detect the domain name that you visit but will not detect your private email address. We will also not gather and store the information that you share when you contact us or fill out our contact form. After we review that data, we will remove it from the site and keep others from accessing it. We only use that information to make sure that customers find our site valuable and to ensure that each visitor has the best experience.


The Top10PasswordManager website uses cookies. These cookies help us collect and gather information to ensure that our visitors receive access to new information. You can use the contact form that we offer if you choose to opt-out from this feature.

Digital Information

The digital and electronic information that we collect during your visit is the same that other sites collect. This includes how you found out the site and whether you visited our site from a referring page. We also know what type of browser you used and some basic details about your browser settings as well as your operating system and IP address. Our site may occasionally use services and tools to analyze the information, which we only use to improve our website.

Website Cookies

As we collect cookies from our visitors, we use that information to track your online activities. This gives us some basic data about your profile and how you use the site. The cookies will never share your private and confidential information. If you have any questions about our site or privacy policy, do not hesitate to use our contact us form.

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